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Maybe you’re a first time painter, maybe you’re a seasoned artist. Whatever it is, there’s a place for you here. Create your art, upload it, and if you’re approved we’ll give your art a spot here on Uniarts.

While that’s all happening, our team will be busy showing your pieces to thousands of people on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Neat, right?

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  • Quick & easy to get setup

  • We handle shipping & printing

  • Fair, transparent payments

  • Free digital marketing for each piece

  • Money in your hands within 30 days of a sale

  • Did we mention it’s entirely free?

Uni Students

Say goodbye to mi goreng and cask wine, say hello to caviar and more cask wine! Whether you’re at a uni lecture or “studying” at home, you’ll be making money on the side when you become a Uniarts Creator.

Whether it’s pocket change or breathing room for the rent, every little bit helps. What are you waiting for?

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Aspiring Artists

Comissions worth tens of thousands of dollars, exclusive galleries, the constant posting on social media… It can all make the dream of becoming an artist a little intimidating when we’re just starting out.

That’s where Uniarts steps in to help. We’ll take the work out of your hands, putting your product on the internet and advertising it to those interested in your art.

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Hobby Artists

Whether it’s a fun side project or you’ve realised you might just be the next Bob Ross, it never hurts to take a hobby and make it a passion. Apply to become part of Uniarts and you’ll be able to take your art to the next level with little to no work on your end.

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Thank you Uniarts, what a great platform for uploading and selling my art.



I really enjoy creating art, now I have a place to sell and earn whilst I am studying. Thank you Uniarts!



I’ve been putting my art on my social media for years, and now I can finally make money off it! As a third-year design student, I know that getting my name out there is key to building a freelance career later on. Thanks to Uniarts, I’m able to get more exposure while passively earning some extra income. The high quality prints showcase my work professionally, and it makes me excited to think that people can frame and hang my art in their homes!

I have so many questions

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