Sell my Art

How this whole thing actually works

It sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

With Uniarts there’s no worrying about printers, advertising, websites, setting up social media accounts – just more time to focus on your art.

Here’s everything you’ll need to do to become a Uniarts Creator.

Oh, and just a quick reminder, it’s all free.

show me

Step 1.

Do your thing

Paint that painting, draw your drawing, digital art that… digital art.

If it can end up as something to hang on your wall then it works for us.

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Step 2.

Get it digital-ready

The masterpiece is complete and ready to knock our socks off – well done! The hardest part is over.

Now you need to get it in a PDF format so we can put it on the website, place it in ads, and print it out.

For physical paintings and drawings, you’ll need to scan these to get them into PDF format.

Easy Peasy, what's next?

Step 3.

Upload & Become a Uniarts Creator

Next, you’ll create your own Uniarts profile so people can learn a bit more about the artist behind the work.

Don’t worry, there’s no hidden fees or subscriptions here – it’s all free.

(Hint: crafting an effective, genuine bio is key to getting people interested in purchasing your art!)

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Step 4

Sit Back & Relax

We’ll take it from here.

Our professional advertisers will get busy putting your artwork on thousands of people’s screens around Australia.

You’ll be shown across Facebook & Instagram – and if people respond well to your art, we’ll start including your art pieces on Google and YouTube as well.

(Hint: make sure you link your friends and family to the art so they can support you too!)

love it. what's next?

Step 5

Get Notified, Get Paid

When someone purchases your art to go on their wall you’ll be notified that a sale has been made.

It’s celebration time! And what better way to celebrate then a receipt in your inbox and money in your account.

It can take up to 30 days for the money to get across to you, but don’t stress – we like to think we normally get that money to you way sooner than that.

What next?

Step 6

Get Busy

You’ve seen it work, now it’s time to join the movement and grow this whacky idea together.

Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your grandma (if she can use the internet), and encourage them to support you and the other aspiring artists trying to make a living in this crazy world.

Whether they want to become a Uniarts Creator themselves, or they just want something nice for the living room, spreading the word about Uniarts will help us keep this good thing going 🙂

We’re ready to get started, are you?

let's do this